Many individuals have contributed to the Computer History Simulation Project, including:

Bill Ackerman PDP-1 consulting
Anders Ahgren VMS Ethernet simulation, Windows direct device access
Dave Babcock IBM 1620 simulator debugging and enhancements
Alan Bawden ITS operating system consulting
Bill Beech SWTP 6800 simulator
Winfried Bergmann Linux port testing
J. David Bryan HP simulator
Phil Budne Solaris port testing, PDP-1 software transcription and debugging
Max Burnet DEC documentation, software, and working examples
Robert Alan Byer VMS socket support and testing, VMS MMS file
Doug Carman PDP-11 bootstrap debugging, RSX-11M+ images and debugging
James Carpenter Linux port testing
Chip Charlot Mentec Corporation license
Louis Chrétien Macintosh porting
Dave Conroy HP 21xx documentation, PDP-10 and 18b PDP debugging
Rich Cornwell IBM 7000 series simulators
L Peter Deutsch PDP-1 Lisp source code and permission
Ethan Dicks PDP-11 2.9 BSD debugging
John Dundas PDP-11 CPU debugging, KW11-P, DHQ11, CR11 simulators
Stan Dunten IBM 7094 CTSS hardware information
Jonathan Engdahl PDP-11 device debugging
Carl Friend Nova and Interdata documentation, RDOS disk images
Megan Gentry PDP-11 debugging
David Gesswein PDP-8 and PDP-9/15 documentation, PDP-8 DECtape, disk, casette, and paper tape images, PDP-9/15 DECtape images
Dick Greeley Digital Equipment Corporation licenses
Gordon Greene PDP-1 Lisp machine readable source
Lynne Grettum PDP-11 RT-11, RSTS/E, RSX-11M legal permissions
Franc Grootjen PDP-11 2.11 BSD debugging
Doug Gwyn Portability debugging
Philipp Hachtmann H316 debugging
Kevin Handy VAX VMS/NetBSD debugging, TS11/TSV05 documentation, make file
Ken Harrenstein KLH PDP-10 simulator
Bill Haygood PDP-8 information and simulator, OS/8 disk images
Wolfgang Helbig DZ11 implementation, PDP-11 debugging
Mark Hittinger PDP-10 debugging
David Hittner SCP debugging, DEQNA /DEUNA simulator and Ethernet library
Tarik Isani DEC Pro/350 simulator
Sellam Ismail GRI-909 documentation
Jay Jaeger IBM 1401 consulting
Davis Johnson Interdata OS32MT debugging
Doug Jones PDP-8 information and simulator, OS/8 disk images
Brian Knittel IBM 1130 simulator, SCP extensions for GUI support
Al Kossow HP 21xx, Varian 620, TI 990, Interdata, SDS, IBM, DEC documentation and software, XVM/DOS recovery
Arthur Krewat DZ11 changes for the PDP-10
Harlan LeFevre PDP-7 DECsys kit and other PDP-7 programs and documentation
Mirian Crzig Lennox PDP-10 ITS debugging and instructions
Don Lewine Data General license
Tim Litt PDP-10 hardware documentation, schematics, software documentation, media recovery and conversion
Bill McDermith HP 21xx debugging, 12565A disk simulator
Scott McGregor The Santa Cruz Operation license
Richard Miller Interdata UNIX V6 and V7 debugging
Jeff Moffatt HP 21xx information, documentation, and software
Alec Muffett Solaris port testing
Terry Newton HP 21MX debugging
Thord Nilson DZ11 implementation
Charles Owen MITS Altair 8800 simulator, Data General Eclipse simulator, IBM System 3 simulator, Nova documentation and simulator debugging, IBM 1401 diagnostics, software, and debugging
Sergio Pedraja MINGW environment debugging
Derek Peschel DDT-1 transcription and debugging
Paul Pierce Media recovery and conversion, IBM 1401 information and documentation
Dave Pitts IBM 709x simulator and debugging
Mark Pizzolato SCP, Ethernet, VAX simulator debugging and improvements
Hans Pufal PDP-10 debugging, PDP-15 bootstrap, PDP-9 restoration, Elliot 903 simulator, DOS-15 recovery and debugging
Bruce Ray Software, documentation, bug fixes, and new devices for the Nova, OS/2 porting
Tim Riker SourceForge archive setup
Craig St Clair Digital Equipment Corporation archives
Richard Schedler Public repository maintenance
Peter Schorn Macintosh porting; Altair Z80 simulator
Stephen Schultz PDP-11 2.x BSD debugging
Olaf Seibert NetBSD port testing
Brian and Barry Silverman  PDP-1 simulator, Lisp and Spacewar sources
Tim Shoppa Nova documentation and software, PDP-10 and PDP-11 software archive, site hosting for SIMH
Michael Short IBM 1620 debugging
Chris Smith PDP-10 floating point debugging
Van Snyder IBM 1401 zero footprint card and tape bootstraps, Fortran, Autocoder, and testing and debug of numerous fine points of instructions and I/O
Michael Somos PDP-1 debugging
Hans-Michael Stahl OS/2 port, TERMIOS terminal emulator implementation
Ken Staley 4.3BSD kit for the VAX
Tim Stark TS10 PDP-10 simulator; VAX debugging
Larry Stewart Original suggestion for the project
Chris Suddick PDP-11 simulator floating point debugging
Ben Supnik Macintosh timing routine
Bob Supnik SIMH simulators
Ben Thomas VMS terminal emulator implementation
Deb Toivonen Digital Equipment Corporation archives
Warren Toomey PDP Unix Preservation Society (PUPS), PDP-11 UNIX disk images
Peter Trimmel VAX debugging, Linux large file support
Mike Umbricht DEC documentation, H316 schematics and documentation
Leendert Van Doorn PDP-11 UNIX V6 debugging, TERMIOS terminal emulator implementation
Tom Van Vleck IBM 7094 CTSS hardware information
Fred Van Kempen DEUNA code, RK611 emulator, PDP-11 debugging, VAX/Ultrix debugging
Camiel Vanderhoeven AXE testing for VAX simulators
Holger Veit OS/2 socket support
Andrew Warkentin PDP-15 XVM/RSX kits and debugging
David J Waks PDP-7 SIM8 and PDP-8 ESI-X source code and permission
Tom West Nova documentation
Adrian Wise H316 simulator, documentation, and software
John Wilson PDP-11 simulator and RT-11, RSX-11M, and RSTS/E disk images
Joe Young RP debugging on Ultrix-11 and BSD

In addition, the following companies have graciously licensed their software for hobbyist use:

Data General Corporation
Digital Equipment Corporation
Compaq Computer Corporation
Hewlett-Packard Corporation
Mentec Corporation
The Santa Cruz Operation
Caldera Corporation

Last, but hardly least, I would like to thank the Computer History Museum, Mountain View, California, and the Rhode Island Retro-Computing Society, Providence, Rhode Island, and their staffs and volunteers, for their support and help.

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